Billing Services

TENCO provides customer network and utility billing services for electricity, gas and water throughout New Zealand. Services include meter reading, reconciliation, invoice preparation, issuing and delivery to tenants and reporting to owners or their managers.

We assist clients with annual rate reviews and budgeting for their customer networks.

For New Builds

We work with developers to provide a managed solution for the initial connection of electricity through to the rollout of all required tenancy and common services metering. We have a range of solutions and work with a number of electricity retailers that can ensure cost minimisation and efficiency for what is often viewed to be a complex and timely exercise for any developer or their electrical/building contractors.

Embedded Network Management

We work with building owners and developers to review the viability of an embedded network and manage the service on your behalf. Using our compliant metering solutions, an embedded network can be established for minimal capital outlay.

Once set up, we provide network billing and reporting in industry standard formats, allowing you to focus on your core business, confident that all the day to day management and complianceis taken care of by our specialist team.

Our four step guide takes you through the process of establishing an embedded network

  • Stage 1

    Quantify the opportunity

    Complete a preliminary desktop assessment and present the business case, along with indicative costs to establish and operate the embedded network. There is no cost to you for this stage.

  • Stage 2

    Complete formal assessment and validate the opportunity

    A metering technician visits the site and quotes the meter installation cost, a meter reader visits the site and takes two sets of meter readings to calibrate energy volumes. We liaise with the local distribution company on your behalf to secure written confirmation of the bulk line charges. We complete a final economic assessment that presents the key information to help you decide whether you wish to proceed.

    We also evaluate and recommend a solution for single sites or a portfolio of properties. Contract templates are supplied for your legal review and execution.

  • Stage 3

    Meter installation

    Installing a compliant gate meter ensures the entire building’s electricity can be accurately measured as a first step to implementing the Embedded Network.

    This allows us to complete a final validation of the economic opportunity before you/we make the final decision to convert the building’s network to an embedded network.

  • Stage 4

    Complete network set up and go live

    We complete regulatory processes, finalise a Use of System Agreement with electricity retailers, and ensure all systems and processes are compliant.

    Ongoing managed services take responsibility for completing the monthly reconciliation and billing processes as well as addressing compliance, network connection and pricing issues.
    TENCO also complete the annual Electricity Authority audit of the embedded network.

Monitoring and Targeting

TENCO can assist with a monitoring and targeting programme to increase the profitability of your property assets. We apply your consumption data together with our detailed understanding of metering, retail tariffs and network charges to optimise network assets.

Network Analysis

Using our extensive knowledge of network options nationwide and data analysis tools, TENCO can provide network reviews for existing and new connections to ensure that you benefit from the most cost effective network tariffs.

Value Add

We also provide consultancy and market insights across the energy chain, from network connection through line charges and rebates, ancillary generation, demand response and online controls and reporting.

If you have any network, supply or generation related issues then please contact us for specialist advice and tailored solutions.